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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today was a good day

I am starting to get into the mode of things and am finding a way to balance work and life. Although I am still working more than ever but it's feeling more smooth and I am adjusting.

I have decided to not start answering questions until after I have had coffee in the morning so that I can start my day in a more relaxed mode. I hang out with Orion watching him play video games and drink my coffee. Once he is off to school I head for the computer where I begin the mystery shopping job. Since my questions can be answered at anytime of the day I bring up the list of questions while I'm on hold for a price quote and look for something that I can answer easily without too much research. I basically do both jobs at the same time. Around noon time I take a lunch break where I leave the office, eat lunch and watch a tv show that I have recorded from the night before (today I watched House) After lunch it's back to the computer for a couple more hours. About an hour before I have to pick up the wild child I stop work, take a shower and toss a load of laundry into the washer. I pick up the wild child from school and if I haven't hit my goal for daily income for the mystery shopping job I head back to the computer while the boy unwinds and I finish up my day. My goal is $25 per day minimum. Today I had to make 3 calls to hit that goal afterschool because of the fact that I had to stop work a little early to snowblow the driveway since it had another 3 inches of fresh stuff out there. I was pleased with my success and Orion thought it was fun to play on his dads computer next to me while I worked.  Right after that we did homework, which Orion flew right through tonight because it was bowling night for us.

After homework it was cook dinner, then head to the bowling alley where Orion and I kicked major butt and we won all 3 games! Came home, hung out with my kid, and then read him a chapter of Harry Potter and then came to work for the call center. I think it's going to go pretty smoothly as long as I stop stressing so much!

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