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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sorry I've been neglectful....

As I mentioned in my last post I have been venturing into the world of working some daytime hours mystery shopping car dealerships over the phone getting price quotes. It is challenging to stay motivated because it is the same thing every single day, every single call and it begins to feel a bit tedious after awhile. It is easy work though and I am sure I will feel better about it once I see my first paycheck.

It's not big money mind you, in the past week I made just just about $85. That was doing a lot of on and off time, trying to figure out how to fit in laundry time, family time, Orions playtime with his friends, hubby time, life in general and working. I'm still working the 9 to midnight on my other phone job as well so I can't do things like laundry at night like some other people.

Right now my schedule is a little hectic, I'm sure I'll get it settled in soon but for now I feel a little frazzled and have neglected the blog because of it. Basically I get up in the morning, take the dog out to the bathroom and then go to work on my LiveWork job where I answer questions. I get paid 35 cents a question, so it's a little something and I can make a few bucks before Orion gets up. I enjoy my coffee while answering those then it's get Orion up, fed and off to school. Once he goes to school it's the mystery shopping job for most the day while he's at school. I do break to take the dog out and to have some food, refill my coffee cup etc. but for the most part it's just calling and getting those price quotes. Like I said, simple work but tedious and boring and some of those guys seem to realize that I'm not booking an actual appointment so they don't want to waste their time with answering my questions. After that I try to get in a quick shower and then go pick up Orion from school. Then it's the homework battle that can take anywhere from one to 3 hours depending on his mood, his meds wearing off and how much he actually has to do. Then it's cook dinner, feed the family, make sure the wild child takes a shower and story time where either I read to Orion or he reads to me...mostly I read to him since he loves being read to. I take full advantage of it since I know he's 10 and he isn't going to want mom reading him stories at bedtime everynight forever. Someday he'll feel too old for such a thing but until then I'm going to soak it up and enjoy it. After an hour or so of reading it's bedtime for Orion and back to the phones for me for my other phone job unil midnight. Then it's off to bed until the next day when I get to do it all over again.

It's not easy, it's not the most money, but between the 3 jobs I manage to make a fair enough wage that the bills get paid and my son does not have to go to an afterschool program or camp in the summer. The daytime job I can do any day except for Sunday and they encourage you to work with kids at home since that makes it sound a bit more realistic. So if it's a vacation day or a snow day or a Saturday I don't have to worry, I can work while Orion plays video games or plays on hubby's computer right next to me. I can pause to talk to him, I can walk away to help him with something if I need to. Basically it's nice and flexible and that makes a huge difference to me and makes it all worth it.I won't become a millionaire working from home but I'll have a child who always has his mom around when he needs her.  A lot of people don't understand how I can work so much for so little, but since I make at least minimum wage per hour I don't feel it's that bad. I don't have the best education, I scraped my way through high school and I didn't finish college. I couldn't afford to finish and I went with just making money to pay the bills and having a place to live. Unfortunately as a foster child, once you turn 18 you have no one to turn to, no home to go back to when the going gets rough or even during the summer while struggling to get through college. You have to make it completely on your own from that point onward and it's a sad reality check. I had to have a place to live so the money went to that instead of college. I managed to work my way up the ranks at Dunkin Donuts and was a manager for awhile but once I got pregnant and had to go on bedrest that all ended. I have not worked outside my house in nearly a dozen years! April will be 11 years since I have had a job outside the house, that's a long time to not be employed. All these jobs working from home are independent contractor jobs and I am not an employee so I have no employer references other than myself...and apparently I don't count lol So I take what I can get and I live with it, I accept it and I try to make the best of it. I try to look at the positives like Orion getting his mom here at all times, but the reality of it all is that money rules the world and it's tough to make ends meet this way.

I hope that someday  when I am through my online course that I am doing I can get a good paying job outside the home, but until then I will just make the best of things and take life day by day.

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