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Monday, December 20, 2010

What can I do? H still believes

So I thought that by now Orion would have been told by kids at school that Santa Clause is really his parents, I thought this year would be the year of him asking a lot of questions and losing that little piece of childhood. Amazingly he has not lost that belief. What he wants for Christmas more than anything else in the entire world is a Nintendo 64 console. Yes, my son loves the vintage video games systems and this is the one that will fill his collection. It's also the only thing he asked Santa for this year. My husband did not want to spend the money on it, he was totally against getting him an old system for Christmas, my line of thought was that this might be the last year for him to believe and I could not let that belief I got him the system and it will be here soon. Then the other day Orion and I were talking about Santa and Orion was wondering what kind of stuffed animal Santa was going to bring him this year. You see, every year Santa has topped the stocking with a stuffed animal and knowing that the boy still believed I wanted to buy a stuffed animal for the stocking but hubby said no way. It's too babyish and that we had to stop buying him baby things. I tried to protest, but hubby put his foot down, no stuffed animals this year. But my boy believes and he is looking forward to the stuffed animal that Santa is going to bring. I tried saying things like "Don't you think Santa might realize that you are 10 years old now and that you might not want a stuffed animal since it is kind of a little kid kind of toy?" The boy replies, "No, I think Santa will know that I love my stuffed animals and look forward to them every year." Guess what mom went out and bought against hubby's best protests......Yep I bought a stuffed animal and it will be topping his stocking on Christmas morning. If my boy expects Santa to bring him a stuffed animal then a stuffed animal he will get!

Other thoughts, well not a lot right now. I'm just getting over being horribly sick with some kind of cold or flu. Orion seems to be coming down with it but he is fighting it. The hubby will probably come down with it for Christmas since that's Murphy's Law.  I'm still not 100% but definitely doing better. I can't wait to get out snowboarding again and be back on the mountain. It will be fun to watch Orion get back out there and learn to progress some more. I am looking forward to a good season on the slopes as long as I can get healthy enough to actually get out there lol.

If I don't get back on here before the holiday, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Years!

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SMJ said...

I'm right there with you on this. Max still believes and I'm suprised but loving it. One more year of holding on! At first I kinda thought he knew better and was playing along - but thats not really how his brain operates.
All my boys have always adored stuffed animals. My 19 yr old still has his stuffed killer whale from Marine World that he named Free Willy when he was 3.
Glad you're feeling better, that bug has been rampant in this neck of the woods too, UGH! Hope you are back on that mountain playing in the snow very soon!