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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I know I've been neglectful

but I have a good excuse...honest I do lol
The boy has been growing up right before my eyes!

Somehow he went from sweet beautiful baby boy 

to  big boy

to surly teenager


I know it's only been a little over 10 years since he was born, but I after I took that photo yesterday I wanted to cry. He's still sweet faced when he wants to be, or should I say when he wants something, but for the most part there is no more sweet faced baby boy left in my child. He's looking more like a man than ever and although I can see the little boy hiding in the background he's very quickly fading away.

Suddenly my little man is texting with girls and hanging with girls and mom is embarrassing if she calls him "sweetie" in front of those girls. If I dare kiss his cheek or hug him, that look up there is the look I get, the look of a surly teenager, all moody and grown up.

My baby isn't a baby anymore and as I grow closer and closer to 40 I realize that my son isn't the only one getting older. Unfortunately the more he looks like a man and the closer I get to my 40th, the more it all seems to be speeding up. Suddenly I am reevaluating my whole world, what I think, what I feel, how I feel about life when I was his age. My world is speeding up again and I am desperately searching for the brakes because I really need it to slow down.

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