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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

So sorry, I have been neglecting posting again but the holidays came and went so fast I can't believe it!
Christmas 2010:
The days leading up to Christmas were awesome! Orion tried so hard to be good and I found this great text message thing where you could have Santa Clause send a message of your choosing to your childs cell phone. So on Christmas Eve Eve Orion received a text from Santa telling him that he was going to try to bring that Nintendo 64 that he had asked for because he knew that Orion was trying very hard to be a good boy. Orions friend was over and was amazed when Orion received a text from the big man himself! Orion had been very worried that Santa might not have gotten his letter in time to special order a Nintendo 64 for him so it really helped him calm down about it and enjoy himself a bit.
On Christmas Eve morning, as is our tradition, Orion got to open one present. He opened a fun hotwheels toy that is a snap together truck/snowmobile. It actually has 25 different configurations and can be mad into anything from a big wheel truck to a racing snowmobile. He had a lot of fun with that for the day and it kept him well entertained. We baked sugar cookies and frosted with homemade frosting. Shortly before bedtime Orion took 2 benedryl since he knew he would have trouble getting to sleep. I read "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". We put out cookies and milk and a little note for Santa from Orion. Orion snuggled under the blankets and by 11pm he was finally sound asleep (An AMAZING thing!) I stayed up and greeted Santa so that he didn't set off the house alarm or the big 96 pound black lab lol 
Christmas morning, 5am, the little man is wide awake begging to go open presents. I made him stay in bed long enough for me to take the dog out to the bathroom and set up my video camera. He came out with wonder in his eyes and a smile on his face, Santa had obviously come since he had a stocking that was full to the rim complete with a snowy leopard stuffed animal ;) He opened Santa's presents first and sure enough he got that Nintendo 64 he had asked for, some chocolate, a couple of really bouncy balls with glitter inside, his usual bunch of hot wheel cars, a DS game, a dvd, and a couple other small items. Then he started in on the "Mom and Dad" gifts
Mom was sneaky this year, I made him open all the littler things first, I saved the big money items for the very last. He opened Mind Flex, his DVD's, his video games to go with the systems he currently has. Then we gave him his new PSP with Little Big Planet and a movie. Next came his new 7" portable dvd player that he had requested. Finally I handed him his last present, it was small and squishy and he opened the paper to find a 3 pack of underwear! He held it up to the video camera with this look on his face that was priceless! It was awesome because he didn't realize that inside those underwear was a 32 G i-pod touch! He tosses the underwear away completely disgusted and asks why he got underwear so I had to tell him to look a little further and not to judge every present by it's wrappings. He went nuts when he found the i-pod touch and said it was the best joke ever! It was my idea...score 1 for Mom!

After playing with our presents for awhile, we went over to my in-laws house where Orion received a wii from his grandparents...spoiled rotten kid that he is lol Orion, on a whim, asks if he can spend the night with his grandparents and we said sure. Hubby and I went home to enjoy a quiet kid free Christmas night.
1:30am my phone is ringing. My heart is racing as I frantically wake up and run for the phone. Orion was homesick and realized he really would rather be home playing with his Christmas presents instead of at his grandparents house without them. NOT FUNNY kiddo, calling mom at 1:30 am only leads me to picture blood or death or both! He wanted to ask me to pick him up nice and early the next morning...little bugger. I picked him up at 11am.


As you can see I have changed my background to something more fitting the conditions outside. The day after Christmas brought us a wonderful blizzard of snow! Everything is white and cold outside, just what winter is supposed to be. The blizzard messed up our driving plans to get up to NH to go snowboarding, so we'll go this coming weekend instead once everything is nicely groomed and the roads are again safe to drive on. Now I just need to fix my siggy tag to'll probably take me awhile since I need to work and make up for all the time lost while I was sick. Orion will go back to school next week and hubby will be off at work and I'll be able to relax and do some messing around with my paint shop pro.  I hope to have at least 1 more post before the years ends, but just in case:


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