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Monday, October 5, 2009

What a great day

This morning Orion and I headed down to Lowes to sell some popcorn for Cub Scouts. If you are familiar with cub scouts you'll probably know they sell popcorn every year just like the girl scouts sell their cookies. So we headed down to Lowes to sell some popcorn for Orions pack. We get down there and one of the leaders has a stack of popcorn boxes, no paperwork, no table to display it on, we call our pack master to see what we should do...they are at church and can't really help us out. Basically by the time we got paperwork, envelope for money and a table for displaying we had lost out on 45 minutes of our 2 hour time slot. Orion was behaving AMAZINGLY!!

Did I mention that we woke up late so he did not have any adderrall???

There was supposed to be another boy joining us, but he didn't show up, so Orion started selling and greeting people as they exited Lowe's. In the 1 hour and 15 minutes we were there he made almost $300 in sales by himself! I did not help with anything except managing the money and making change. Orion was the salesman and sold like a pro! He did so good, I was so proud of him! He really gave the pack a good name today and enjoyed selling popcorn so much he asked if he could go back and do it again another weekend!!!! I called our pack master after getting home and asked what was available and he's now scheduled to return to Lowes on Saturday the 17th for some more sales!

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