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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today was a big day

Our children have many firsts in their lives and once we get past the first smile, first word, first tooth, first steps, first day of school etc we stop thinking about the firsts for awhile.....then something happens and another first comes along to remind us that our babies are indeed growing up and they aren't babies anymore.
Today was such a day!
Today Orion had a friend over, he called his friend up and asked him to come and he said he would be here in a few minutes (he lives just around the corner) and indeed 5 minutes later he's at the front door asking to use the phone to call his mom and let her know he arrived safe and sound. He rode his scooter to our house without her supervision. And so after playing here at my house for a couple of hours they decided they wanted to go over to his house for awhile and of course they wanted to ride their scooters and they didn't want me to come. I watched my boy put on his helmet and scoot away down the street calling out to him to call as soon as he arrived and then waited anxiously by the phone for what felt like forever (but I'm sure was really less than 5 minutes) for him to call home.
My baby had his first solo flight today, what a scary moment for mom!

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