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Thursday, May 5, 2011

All over facebook I see my friends changing their profile photos to photos of their mothers in honor of mother's day that is coming up in a few days and all I can feel is deep hurt, anger, and envy. One friend changed her photo and posted

"To all my Facebook friends: in honor of mothers day I'm trying to see how many of you are willing to change your profile picture to your mom and leave it there until May 9th.I did and so have a few others. If you will and like this idea ,please repost this as your status so everyone gets the word and see how many beautiful Moms we can get on FB! Happy Mother's Day ♥" 

To which I responded  

" I think it's a great idea for those of you who were lucky enough to have a good mother worth honoring :)"

Although I am a mother, I hate Mother's Day! It makes me angry to see all those wonderful mothers in commercials on tv, it angers me to hear people tell wonderful stories about their mothers when they were growing up, and  it saddens me deeply to know that I can never have that kind of feeling for my own mother. If I were to share stories of my egg donor I would only depress those around me, and so I get to sit quietly and listen to their stories and feel completely out of place. 
I am so happy to know that my son will never feel this way about his mother or Mother's Day. I am sure that I will grow to enjoy Mother's Day as my son makes it special for me, but he doesn't need a special day on the calendar because he makes every day special. His smile lights up a room and his laughter erases every dark cloud, his hugs makes everything all better.


Another down side to this week, our 15 year old cat Rex has passed away. Sadly he passed away on our wedding anniversary and so our special day was tainted with heartache. He was our "Happy Fat Cat" and we will miss him deeply. RIP Old Friend

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