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Monday, November 1, 2010

Too much candy lol

Last night was trick or treating night, Orion and I went out with his friend Jessie and her mom. It was a quiet night, not a lot of kids out there so our kids got lots of goodies...probably enough to last an entire year! Plus we had way too much left over so now I have to practice willpower over chocolate! You know how hard it is to do that??? I have  a major sweet tooth to begin with and now I have a butt-load  of candy sitting here doing nothing but teasing and taunting me every second of the day! The wild child  has trouble with self control on his best days, say nothing about when he's loaded up with sugar so he has to be monitored very closely when it comes to sugar intake. He has to be limited or he'll be completely bonkers!

So that's my post-halloween story, I'll post some pictures once I dump my camera lol

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