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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We had a moment.......

Every night I settle Orion into bed and read to him. I have done this every single night of his life except the nights when he slept over at his grandparents and I wasn't able to. I generally read for 45 minutes to an hour. This is our time, the time before I go to work and he goes off to dreamland, our quiet time when it's just him and me. When he was real little I would finish reading to him and then lay down with him until he fell asleep, as he got older and I started working nights that changed to me reading to him and then him either reading to himself or playing his Nintendo DS for a little bit before he fell asleep.

Last night was different

Last night I tucked him in and began to read. 1/2 hour into reading time I had finished Charlie Bone book 2 and Orion begged for me to start book 3. We pulled it off the shelf and I read the first chapter. By then it was 10 minutes to my work time so I closed the book and offered him his DS to play for a bit. I leaned over and hugged him tight and told him I love him and he hugged me back and handed back the DS. He looks up at me and says "Actually mom, can we just cuddle for 10 minutes?" I couldn't possibly say no so I wrapped my arms around my boy, he wrapped an arm around me and cuddled up close. I turned off the desk lamp and lay there with him like we used to, just him and me. His breathing settled, he relaxed, and within minutes my boy was sound asleep...but I lay there with him, holding my baby boy for the entire 10 minutes just like he wanted because that's what he needed, it's what I needed, and it felt wonderful! It was one of those moments that you hold onto and want to relive over and over again because it's so special and you know you were lucky to have it.

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Brooke said...

warmth all over after reading this post. what a gift to cuddle with orion...thanks for sharing such a tender moment :)