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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bowling Season has begun

I love candlepin bowling, I love it even more when I get to do it with my boy. Up until this year,  I have only bowled with Orion during the summers and then in the fall/winter leagues he would bowl in a juniors league and I bowled in a ladies league. Of course Orion seemed to always get teamed up with some kid who would only show up half the time and it made it less fun for him. This past year, his teammate only showed up 50% of the time and Orion got fed up, he asked if I would be willing to bowl in an adult/youth league with him instead of on the ladies league. Of course I jumped at the chance...I LOVE bowling with my boy!

So tonight was our first night on the adult/youth bowling league for the fall/winter season! We both did pretty good and even more important, we had a great time together. So now, every Tuesday night I will be at the bowling alley with Orion knocking down some pins and cheering him on as he builds his skills in bowling!

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