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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Jennie to name 6 things I love and that make me happy, she tagged me a few days ago, I just didn't realize it so here goes :)


First and foremost my son Orion! He is my A-Number 1 little man that makes me smile on my worst days and makes everything clear! How could anyone not love this face


A close second would be my hubby...he's my rock, my corner stone, my foundation. He's everything I could want in a man and more! He makes me happy and shows me unconditional love even when I don't feel I deserve it, he's one heck of a guy for sure!

Third...definately COFFEE! Gotta have my junk, as a matter of fact, if I don't have it you don't even want to be near me, I'm a complete bear without my morning coffee...just ask my hubby or Orion, they'll agree 100% if I don't have coffee, it's not a good plan to even speak to me lol
~~~~~~~~~~ work. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I love my job...I work from home on a schedule that I set around my life on a weekly basis. If something comes up and I need to cancel out I problems, no hassles. If I want to take a vacation I just don't schedule myself to work, it's that simple. I only have to make sure I take at least 1 call in a 42 day period to keep my contract with the company. I get to be a stay at home mom and still make some money to help the family have's really a pretty sweet deal IMO!
5th I love my pets...yes they drive me crazy sometimes (so do my husband and son and I still love them lol) but they are super sweet and cuddly and if I'm not feeling well they always nudge me and lay down with me and try to help me feel better. They love me unconditionally and always happily greet me when I walk in the door...especially the big 96 pound black lab named Gig. We have 5 cats, the dog and now the new teddy bear hamster as well. The hamster is still warming up to us, but he's getting more social and I'm sure in no time he'll appreciate the hand that feeds him just like the other animals in the house.
finally my brothers and sisters...although we are all separated by many miles and we never see each other there is a bond that will forever be there. We are mutual survivors, we have a bond and we have a love that is deeper than those miles that keep us apart. We have all seen sorrow and pain, we have all suffered at our mothers hand and we have all come out all the stronger.

So there you have it! Those are 6 of the many things that make me happy! Here are the ones that I am tagging!
1. Sandi
OK ladies go tell me what you love and what makes you happy!


Sweet Mama Jones said...

Ah, so cool! Love your choices...really heartfelt. I'm so with you on the coffee too, in fact, I need some right now! OK, I'm gonna have to think of mine...thanks for tagging me. :) HUGS! Have a great day!

Sweet Mama Jones said...

OK I finally did it! :) fun!

Laurie said...


Found your blog on and stopped by to say hello.

Would have to agree with your six choices except swap your family with my family for my answers :)

Thanks for letting me lurk!


Melinda said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll get to it over the weekend ... just been swamped lately! ;0) I haven't forgotten!