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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The good and the bad of "Adderrall vacations"

At Orions med-check in May the pediatrician told me we need to get Orions weight up, He had grown quite a bit but hadn't put on a single pound.....all because adderral makes you lose your appetite and not eat. Orion will go all day and eat only a couple of forced bites of a sandwich for lunch, no snacks, no desire to eat at all. The pediatrician suggested we try giving him med vacations over the summer so he would eat food and gain some weight. Give him fattening food like donuts and ice cream, things that would make my hips grow at warp speed. So that is what we have done. I'll admit that somedays I simply can not deal with the hyperactivity, I can't take the level of energy he has so I have to give him meds so he'll actually listen and hear the words I say. I'll also admit that every Wednesday he takes a dose of meds so he bowls better for league and keeps us in the top 5, but for the most part I have been trying to let him have more days of no meds and just having fun as a kid in summer. When it rains for days on end, yes he gets meds...I like to keep my house resembling a home and not something Hurricane Orion took out. When he has meds he listens, he's a good helper around the house, he's fun to be around and I can keep up with him like an average everyday kind of parent, when he doesn't have's a whole different story.

Today, I let him go without, but today he also went to a birthday party. It was a 4 hour outdoor playing in the water kind of party so I thought he would be ok....turns out he's the only kid who got spoken to because he was nailing the other kids with water balloons when he wasn't supposed to and he had to have a little sit down. That's the downside of adderrall kid will be the one kid who gets out of control at the party......I wonder what he'll be like in another 10 or 12 years when he's in college at a party.....hmmmmm do I dare imagine???? I don't think so!!!

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

He may go in the opposite direction in years to come...
My husband was ADD as a kid, or maybe ADHD, who knows because it was before they started naming it. He didn't take meds because I don't think that was an option but he was part of a new study at the time happening thru UC Berkley or maybe San Francisco...he was born & raised in the Bay Area of CA so it was one of those...anyways, they studied & documented & followed him - eventually only on a yearly basis once he hit adulthood - and now he is the total opposite. Over/Hyer-Active as a kid, super mellow as an adult. Maybe in his case, he wore himself out! LOL Hang in there mama...just keep doing what you know is best for your kiddo. And so he nails a kid or 4 with a water balloon. Who's to say they didn't deserve it? Ok, I'm just a bad influence now... ;)