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Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a nice little vacation

We have been camping for the past few days, it was nice to get away and relax for a bit. We weren't supposed to come home until tomorrow, but unfortunately the rain decided to move in and it's no fun camping in rain so we came home a day early. My face hurts from sunburn, but it was a really good time and worth it. We went to the beaches with the big waves and saw a seal swimming (luckily no sharks to go with the seal) and we went to the more calm beach where we found some nice shells, caught hermit crabs and had a really good time. We rode our bikes for many many miles and enjoyed a little family bonding as well as a little family fighting lol I mean seriously, what family vacation goes perfectly smooth? I can't think for starters,  after too much time together you start to get on each others nerves a lot easier. We had campfires, made smores and roasted weinies in the dark. We slept in a tent to the sounds of crickets and leaved rustling in the breeze. It was good to get back into nature, it was good to get away and just relax,  it was a much needed vacation for everyone.

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